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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Dos palillos (2/2)

Dos palillos
C/ Elisabets 9, Barcelona

This is the second post devoted to this place. The restaurant is quite small but it has a nice show: you will see most of the cooking process.

this customer in the center is JM Arzak, the three michelin stars guy!:
the cellar:

domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

Dos palillos (1/2)

Dos palillos
C/ Elisabets 9, Barcelona

This is an outstanding restaurant. High quality level, outstanding sample menu. In addition, the owner Albert Raurich is extremely kind and friendly.
Are you ready for the visual journey? the cost of the sample menu is 65 EUR (IVA included). Most of the dishes are for sharing (two people). Worth to visit.

You can ask for a fork, but it is supposed that you will eat with sticks.
apetizer. Surprising texture and taste!

this one is maybe quite salted:crujientes de pollo con curry

rollito fresco vietnamita con pollo de corral:

sunomo de algas frescas y moluscos (this was really superb, outstanding!!):
ankimo, hígado de rape al estilo japonés (really smooth):
navajas (really outstanding! the best ones that I have ever tasted in my life, even better than dalpescatore ones!):

onsen tamago huevo de corral cocido a 63 grados C, with fish soup:

fried cherry tomato (really good!):

dumpling al vapor de gambitas:
temaki de toro de atún con nori (I didn't enjoy the sheets, but the remaining was really good, even the wasabi):
japo-burguer: really amazing! specially for me, because I do not like burgers


pork meet ("papada de cerdo ibérico a la cantonesa" really tender and tasty):
gyoza de carne:


ninyo yaki de chocolate con jengibre (warm outside chilly inside. Wonderful!):
a tribute to this outstanding and young man: congratulations, Albert!

sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2009

Milano cocktail bar

Milano cocktail bar
Rda Universitat 35, Barcelona

This is a hard-to-find place, but worth to visit. It is quite centric and the cocktailman "show" is great. It does not reach the Tirsa level, but it is reasonable quality and they have a wide selection of drinks.
Yo can get a look to the menu here.

I paid 12 eur for a gin&tonic of tanqueray 10. At least, the glass is really large...nevertheless it is amazing that the same ingredients do not reach the same level of TIRSA!

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009


C/ Doctor Dou 10, Barcelona

This is a cheap restaurant if you choose the fixed price menu for dinner (14,5 EUR + drinks). They cook well, but the starters are quite small. House wine is awful and expensive (10,5 EUR).
They provide, as apetizer, an humus dish. It is really good.
Their website is out of service.

the menu (click to enlarge):


black rice:

fish wrapped in a crep & ruccula (good quality):

chocolate cake:

iogourt with dried fruits:

jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Cabernet Sauvignon Criança 2005

Cabernet Sauvignon Criança 2005

Similar opinion to previous one. Very classic label. One of these days I have to visit one of their shops in order to check their prices.
Rosselló, 442 Tel. 93.436.76.28Tel / Fax 93.450.02.81
Roselló, 442 Barcelona Tel. 93.436.76.28Tel / Fax 93.450.02.81
Fabra i Puig, 356 BarcelonaTel. 93.429.11.45
Padilla, 179 BarcelonaTel.

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Merlot Criança 2003

Merlot Criança 2003

This is a correct an modest wine. Nothing special to mention about it.

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Jo! verdejo


This is a nice initiative: to produce a white wine in Catalunya with the nice Verdejo grape. Thus, it is the first verdejo wine produced in Catalunya, and I must say the the result is really good. In addition, they have used a nice label concept: it is fully green (which is really for me the "colour" for verdejo taste), and you can read the letters from the rear side, through the glass and through the white wine.
Nobody will realize that this verdejo does not come from Valladolid area. While Valladolid area cannot produce cavas of the same quality than us (Cantosan is a shame!), we can produce much better red wines (Priorat is probably the best area, but we can mention a large amount of outsanting wines from other areas, starting with jean Leon and finishing with the very hight quality price ratio wine Roques Albes) Yes, we can produce the same verdejo wines. Great!
Congratulations to Celler Mariol. I must say that I have been a frequent customer of their vermouth and sweet wines, but I am not very keen on to their red wines.
They also have a shop in Barcelona. I will go in a near future to purchase some verdejo bottles.
In addition, I have visited several times the nice and small village of Batea, in Tarragona, which has around 11 diferent cellars. My favourite one is celler Pinyol, but I must say that this Verdejo has really impressed me. Congratulations to Celler Mariol.

lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Llicorella negre 2005

Llicorella 2005

This is really a concentrated wine. I never tasted something similiar in the past. Worth to taste it, although it is not a wine for everybody, and you won't be able to drink a large amount. Some people will feel it really unpleasant. it reminds me a strong licorice, but according to their website it reminds red fruits, toasted notes, jam and cocoa. Its price is around 14 EUR.
Worth to mention that llicorrella is related to the kind of soil, not to licorice!