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sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Tickets (2/3)

Avda. Paral·lel 164

Are you ready for a visual journay?
We haven't chosen anything. We decided that it is a better option to ask for their advice, as suggested in the menu. This means that they bring whatever they want...

Very nice musels. They are natual. They are not from a can. Probably they are quite raw (uncook) but I like this style:

amazing olives. This is the dish that surprised me more. The procedure to eat them is to put on the top of the tongue and to press. Then there is a liquid explosion with amazing olive taste. For sure they have been deconstructeed and constructed again (using 4 olives for each one, according to the waiter) OUTSTANDING product! this dish makes me think that certainly Ferran Adrià can improve the nature! (at least you don't have the annoying bones)

this was a fish dish. I couldn't find anything special, apart from the fish taste.I do not recommed it:
This is another dish that I didn't enjoyed. The cheese is so strong that masks the taste of the remaining products. It is not a good combination according to my opinion. I do not recommend it:
This is another "neutral" dish. Nothing special. I do not recommend it. It tastes like ioughourt plus salmon eggs. I have not specially enjoyed the combination:
advocado + crab. I really enjoyed this dish. It is really delicate and OUTSTANDING. Worth to taste it!:
Oyster with eatable pearl + algues. Amazing quality. It's a hughe and nice oyster. I recommed it:
Achoive with bread and tomato. OUTSTANDING quality. I really recommed it!:

Bread with ham. I do not recommed it. It's a really "neutral" dish. Nothing special:
berberechos: very good quality, but nothing special. It's just a correct dish that won't surprise you:
"navajas" are also very nice quality, tender and thik, but they won't surprise you. Even the lemmon foam is not special for me and does not make a specially good combination:

something like a small burger. Surprising quality. I recommed it:
potatoes with lacon: very delicate. I recommed it. OUTSTANDING quality:
something similar like a "fajita". Very very tasty. I strongly recommed it. OUTSTANDING:

octopus with chikpeas. Verey delicate and smooth. It seems that they also contain "pork hands" (manitas de cerdo) OUTSTANDING. I really recommed this dish.

This is an outstanding section.
The mató is the BEST mató I have ever tasted in my live. To be sincere, I cannot find anything special in mató, but this one is really superb, OUTSTANDING! I strongly recommed it:
This is an OUTSTANDING almond dessert. I strongly recommed it too!:
I have not tasted the coffee but the presentation is superb:
The ticket of tickets ;-)

It's slightly more expensive (85 eur per person, don't believe those who say that average price is around 50 eur. It's false!) than "dos palillos" or "Shunka" but I think it's worth to visit, at least one time in your life. However, the long queues and booking service is annoying. In my case, I had to book three months in advance...
To be sincere, I prefer to repeat to shunka. It's easier to book, they also provide some OUTSTANDING dishes, and it is cheaper. Another OUTSTANDING option is "dos palillos".

viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Tickets (1/3)

Avda. Paral·lel 164

This is the first post devoted to this place, which seems to belong to Ferran Adrià family.
The service is good, the restaurant is plenty of cookers and waiters, which is nice.
However, I cannot find an english word to define the place. I need one spanish word to define the decoration: "Chabacana". Also the music is really inapropriate, as well as the furniture (uncomfortable chairs and tables).
You can see some photos below.
old style entrance, which remembers a theater/cinema
nice mention to the outstanding tapas place "la estrella de plata", which is unfortunately closed now
some other places around Spain are indicated. Unfortunately they miss outstanding places such as "barrio humedo" in Leon, Valladolid, etc.

You can see the way they cook, which is great.

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Open again

Open again

Some special places deserve a post in the blog.

please, visit soon. New places are comming...