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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

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Avda. Paral·lel 164

This is the first post devoted to this place, which seems to belong to Ferran Adrià family.
The service is good, the restaurant is plenty of cookers and waiters, which is nice.
However, I cannot find an english word to define the place. I need one spanish word to define the decoration: "Chabacana". Also the music is really inapropriate, as well as the furniture (uncomfortable chairs and tables).
You can see some photos below.
old style entrance, which remembers a theater/cinema
nice mention to the outstanding tapas place "la estrella de plata", which is unfortunately closed now
some other places around Spain are indicated. Unfortunately they miss outstanding places such as "barrio humedo" in Leon, Valladolid, etc.

You can see the way they cook, which is great.

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