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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Moscatel de la Marina 2008 Enrique Mendoza

Moscatel de la Marina, Enrique Mendoza

This is an outstanding muscat made in Alicante. Nothing to do with the classical muscat wines. It is closer to the french muscat de rivesaltes, although this was is less"floral" and more "herbaceal"/ "fruity". It has a nice "cristal" texture, while muscat the rivesaltes is more "unctuous".
This similitude with mucat de Rivesaltes is not strange, because they add alcohol in order to stop the fermentation, which is similar to the arnau de vilanova method used in Rivesaltes.
Worth to taste it. I paid 7,18 EUR at Tesi-Mascarell.

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