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martes, 16 de febrero de 2010


C/ Rosselló 197, Barcelona

This is a very interesting restaurant with chilean food. Although they do not offer a large selection of dishes you are plenty of chance to taste very tasty and special meals.
Prices are, in general, extremely reasonable. Even for the wines. You can drink good chilean wine for a very reasonable price (12,5 eur per bottle)
3 ceviches degustación: I found that this dish was too small, even worse if you consider that its price is 15 eur. Nevertheless, the taste was great!
fried brie:
sopaipilla con pebre:
patata chilena, corazones de alcachofa y reducción de carmenere. The artichoke is outstanding!

chupe de marisco:

pastel de choclo: this was my favourite dish. Extremely outstanding. Very delicate taste. Worth to taste it!
home-made dessert: very good!

a very nice/funy detail:

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