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sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Masia Vila-Rasa

Masia Vila-Rasa
Carretera de la Roca s/n, Taradell, Barcelona

This is a very special cellar due to the following reasons:
  • I do not like pinot noir wine too much. However, this one is an exception. I reallly enjoy it, although it is not close to my favourite style of wine.
  • There are no cellars in Osona. However, this one is an exception.
  • Pinot noir wines tend to be very expensive, because this grape is really delicate and it requires to take too much care. However, this one is an exception (only 8,5 eur per bottle).
  • You will not find this wine in a normal shop. Only in high level restaurants, such as Petit Comitè (Fermí Puig, the chef of the one Michelin star restaurant Drolma, inside Majestic Hotel). However, you can directly purchase wine in their facilities.

Worth to visit. Congratulations to Vila-Rasa for their very special product!

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