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martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Quesos de radiquero

Quesos de Radiquero
Ctra. Radiquero s/n, Adahuesca (Huesca)

This is a goat cheese producer.
We phoned in advance in order to check if it would be opened. They confirmed.
When we arrived, we were not permited to visit anything and we were brought directly to the shop. In the shop, I asked for the possibility to taste the cheese in advance and I received the most stupid answer that I have ever been received in a place like this. It was plenty of cheese in a fridge, but they told us that at this moment they do not have any cheese opened.
I guess that this answer will last for ever and ever. Dear nasty girl, when is supposed that you will open a cheese?, otherwise you will say for ever and ever that at this moment none is opened.
last but not least, they have a stupid sign with the cheese price:
0,5 Kg -> 15,5 eur
2 Kg -> 15,5 eur
I asked for a clarification and they insisted that the prices were correct, although her explanation didn't match the sign.
Dear nasty girl, if one of this years you rise the price (I guess you will do that in a near future), I suggest you the following alternative text:
0,5 Kg -> 15,5 eur/Kg
2 Kg -> 15,5 eur/Kg

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