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miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Zure Etxea

Zure Etxea
C/ Jordi Girona Salgado 10, Barcelona

This place offers nice quality, but I feel that the quality/price ratio is quite bad. Main courses, desserts, wines,... are extremely expensive.
The price of Emilio Moro finca resalso is 18 eur + VAT, which means three times more expensive than in a shop.
the price for a dessert is around 9 eur, and it is a very small portion, allthough it's true that the tray is really large...
They offer a fix price menu for lunch and dinner. I think that maybe it will be a nice option with good quality/price ratio, but if you choose the menu option, you pay around 60 eur per person. For this amount you can go to Shunka, which is much better.

a nice surprise: if you order coffee with ice, the ice is made from coffee:

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