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domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

Raventós i Blanc de nit 2007

Raventós i blanc de nit 2007

This is a rosé cava that tastes quite similar to "normal" cava. Anyway it has a subtile difference, probably due to the monastrell grape, which is not usual in cava.
I must say again that I do not like cava too much...

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Ignasi dijo...

hey Minchild! thanks for your post about our cava de NIT, effectively we tried to add something new by the monastrell variety and many people like to experience this way, so we feel glad. If you wish to know where it comes from you're most welcome to come to our home in Sant Sadurní, I hope you'll like it. Congrats for your blog!
Best regards, Ignasi (@ignasi_raventos on twitter)