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jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Rosum Joven 2008

Rosum 2008 joven

I paid 5,35 eur in Passeig de Sant Joan 164 (Vinalium), and I must say that I am fully satisfied with this wine. It fully fills up your mouth. Good texture, and is another history. It is not the classical Toro young wine. It has presonality. Thus, it deserves the Outstanding qualification.
The cellar that produces this wine is a mistery. In the bottle you will read Boresl, but you won't find this cellar on the internet. In addition, it is hard to find. It seems that this wine is mainly produced for restaurants, not for shops. I do not like this kind of wines specially made for restaurants because normally this is a good way to hide the price. You pay at the restaurant and you never know which the real price is.
In internet I read that this wine is produced by rejadorada, and probably this is true, because "Boresl" is also from San Román de Hornija.

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