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miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

La Maison du Languedoc Roussillon

La Maison du Languedoc Roussillon
Pau Clarís 77, Barcelona

This was my favourite restaurant in Barcelona in the past. Then it droped dozens of positions. Surprisingly, when Caelis was closed and Romain Fornells came to Maison du Languedoc Roussillon. Theoretically he came from a one michelin star restaurant. However, during this period, the menu was replaced by one of the highest levels of "cutreria": a plastified sheet of paper (like in a low quality pizzeria), and the quality was reduced.
Now, fortunately, it has recovered some positions and it is a very good option. They offer a fixed price menu for 19,9 eur + drinks, and the menu is not anymore a plastified piece of paper.
Worth to mention the outstanding quality of the french oysters. I love these oysters!
However, they have probably lost the outstanding level of desserts of the old times...

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