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martes, 18 de enero de 2011

tridimensional XYZ

XYZ Tridimensional

This is an OUTSTANDING wine from Montsant, produced by celler Aibar in Darmós, the same village of the outstanding Joan de Anguera. Although I prefer Planella, because it is much more complex and well finished, this one is an excellent young wine (despite of its three months aging).
Plenty of density, texture and taste. I compared it with another very good young wine from Montsant: Les Sorts 2009. And XYZ is better. It is also better than Fariña Primero 2009. this one has better texture, density and taste. Although it is not "maceració carbònica" and it is oak matured, I think that its style is quite related. Congratulations to celler Aibar for this outstanding wine!
In addition, it has a nice and innovative label. If you can read Catalan I strongly recommed you to visit their webpage!

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