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miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Carmen (1/2)

Carmen (1/2)
C/ Teruel 3, Tamarit de Llitera (Huesca)

this is the first post devoted to the menu of Carmen ("a la carta"). Although I have been several times eating the fix price menu, this is the first time that I choose different dishes. For this reason, I include the whole menu in four photographs.
The first impression is that they offer a large selection of extremely creative dishes. Congratulations to Ivan Vilanova for his innovation capability! In addition, the prices seem quite reasonable.
There is another menu for wines. this is another history: I must say that the wines are not well selected. In addition, most of them are Somontano. This restaurant should provide a larger and better selection.

This is an OUTSTANDING dish: macarrones con queso de cabra fresco, flores y trufa blanca. I really enjoyed this dish. Absolutely superb.
octopus: this is a quite famous dish in this restaurant. According to my colleagues, this day was not as good as usual. Nevertheless, it was correct and interesting.
Green aspargus with smashed peas, flowers, etc.: this is another OUTSTANDING dish. Even the smashed peas are really delicate and speciall. worth to taste it.

Rodaballo: this was a very good quality fish as well as a large amount. They offered it as well as other dishes, outside the written menu. I must say that I think they should anounce the price is advance. it is unfair to discover at the end of the meal that they charge 20 eur for this dish, specially because the most expensive fish in the menu was 15 eur. If they don't say anything about the price, you should expect a similar price than the others. However, considering the quality and the amount, I must say that they are not cheating.
"torrija": I am not satisfied with the texture of this dish. Nevertheless, "torrijas" are not my favourite dessert.
gin tonic "akelarre": this was really impressive. I enjoyed it a lot. My recommendation: mix the gintonic gelatine with the icecream. The sugar sheet is too hard for the theets. My recommendation: they should produce it in a thinner format.
The invoice for three people, including a couple of gintonics and a bottle of auctor selección:

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