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domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Ke'm d Fer

Ke'm d Fer
C/ Baró D'eroles, 4, Lleida

My good friend Borja M. suggested this place as an alternative to Zeke.
Although this place is more comfortable and larger, I feel that the quality of Zeke is higher. However Zeke is always full and it is not too large. Thus, certainly, it can be an alternative.
They have a very large, reasonably priced and extremely well selected list of wines, gins, etc. In our case we drank a Cruor for 23,5 eur + VAT, which is a good price for this outstanding wine.

patatas bravas: good taste but too much oil...
This "calabacin" flowers with feta cheese were nice but below the expentancy. In addition, the cheese doesn't taste like feta cheese, because feta cheese is quite salted. I guess it was just fresh cheese.

eggs with foie and mushrooms: nice quality

cecina with cheese: nice amount and quality, although this is not the cheese cuted like flowers with strong taste that I really enjoy. This one is smoother.
bombas; quite tasteless and warmed with a microwave oven:
outstanding home-made crocant icecream served at very good temperature (not too much frozen)

nice icecream:
Good gintonics, with a large selection of high quality gins
the invoice:

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